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Rolf Trächslin (Sylvia's point of view with no claim to completeness)

Rolf was born April 9,1963 in Basel, Switzerland. He was the second child, the from mother wished little prince. At the time he was born, the parents had a lot of money because of an inheritance. Everything seemed to be fine, but in short time the parents had consumed the money and so they started to move from one place to next. The father went with other women and the mother many times didn't had money to buy food and pay the bills. The third child, a younger brother, was born 1965, too early and at home, because the mother fell down the stairs in a house which was  really in bad conditions. Rolf and Sylvia were in enclosed in a little room next to the room where this birth was happeningn. Before or after this birth Rolf and Sylvia were brought to a children's home, managed by nuns. Rolf was calling every night for mother, and the nuns fixed him every night, not in a very empathic way, in his little bed. Sylvia was 4 or 5 years old, to young for to be able to defend her brother

Later, the parents together again, they moved with the children in a new built superstructure. There the children were facing violence outdoor and indoor, at home. The parents moved back to Basel in a house of a very controlling and strict uncle, who was working by the police at the canton of Basel-Stadt.  Sylvia remembers how Rolf in this house began playing guitar and  starting to copy Jimi Hendrix guitar playing

In 1970 the parents divorced. First all children lived with  mother. Rolf was going to guitar lessons at the famous Oscar Klein (Basel), He was playing in the Atlantis with his father and grandfather when he was about 9 years because these men were musicians too. The father was hobby guitarist. Grandfather Trächslin was professional musician and loved motorcycling and fishing. Rolf  spent a lot of time with this grandfather, and went many times by motorcycle fishing with grandfather.

Sylvia still remembers when Rolf was in a children's home in Guarda Val, and that she visited him with mother and her new partner. Later, with 11 years, Sylvia moved to her father because of daily psychological violence of the mother. Her father treated her really very good, until the moment when she got a victim of sexual assault and after this, she escaped back to the house of the mother.

The mother felt overwhelmed with Rolf. That's wy he had to move to the father. What happened in the following years wasn't known by anybody. But it was known, that Rolf lived together with the second family of the father and that he had started playing football, possibly also was playing piccolo in a carneval club, and that there were have been difficulties at school. Sometimes he came to visit and then mother was making photos of the children.

After mother had moved again, this time in a house bought by grandmother, Rolf (around 16, 17 years old) stood one day at 7 am in Sylvia's sleeping room and told her that he never ever would go back to the father, because he were beating him very hard. Sylvia convinced mother that Rolf should stay with them in the house of grandmother.

Short time after this Rolf started with the training as a bricklayer but as cause of a  disease, that started when he was 9 years old, he had to give up this training, and so he turned more and more to the music. Later, when he was 18 or 19 years old he moved to his first apartment where he lived together with his first love Maria. In this time he was singing and playing guitar in the band CATS COMBO (Music & Videos). Later he moved in the French spoken part of Switzerland and was singing and playing guitar in the bands CRAZY CATS, U-RATS and FIL ROUGE.

One day Rolf called Sylvia and told her that he was in difficulties with the law due to drug use and that he needed a place to stay. He (now around 20 years old) lived for a few weeks in Sylvia's apartment. Because of various disagreements Rolf moved back to the father's house, who now lived in the country.

One day in 1984 or 1985 Sylvia received the news that Rolf had fled abroad due to his debts. Some time later Sylvia received a letter from Rolf who lived in London now. He begged her to remain silent in front of the family about where he was living now and wrote her that he only wanted to keep contact with her. She received many letters from him with texts and sketches on the envelopes. One day Rolf informed Sylvia that now she could tell the family where he was. After this the mother and younger brother visited him in London.

In the year 1993, since 1986 knowing nothing about Rolf, he called Sylvia surprisingly and told her that he was homesick and that his manager had told him to invite somebody from the family to come to London. The flight and food would be paid. Rolf told Sylvia that he wished her to come to him. So Sylvia saw Rolf again in London May, 29, 1993.  Somehow Sylvia had to inform him that the father had died on Rolf's birthday, April 9, 1993, a few weeks before visiting him in London. Rolf cried out in the middle of the street, why this man had to die on his birthday, and that he never ever would celebrate his birthday again. Sylvia asked Rolf why this was a problem for him and Rolf started to explain what he had suffered in his childhood. Both realized that they had experienced things, what today is called child abuse. In his living room there were some toys. Rolf explained Sylvia that he has a son who is living with his mother in France, and who occasionally is visiting him. Sylvia never got more informations about this son. When Rolf had died Sylvia was told that he has a son more in the USA too. However, maybe his sons discover this site and will contact Sylvia

In October 1993 Rolf phoned Sylvia again and told her that he had to leave UK and that he needed a place to live. Three days later he landed in Basel and started to live in Sylvia's apartment. Sylvia informed the mother and grandmother about Rolf's coming back to Basel and asked grandmother for financial help, so that Rolf could pay his debts and did not had to go to jail, and that he could buy guitars and composing on

On Music & Videos Sylvia is mentioning 6 songs which Rolf was creating round the time when he lived in her apartment, especially 'Neighbour House Love'. It seemed to Sylvia that a good family time had started. Rolf found work, earned money, was together with a new partner and her two boys. Sylvia's children spent a lot of time with Rolf and his new family

The contact to Rolf was lost when Sylvia, in March 1997, dismissed her alcoholic husband from her apartment after he had started to be violent against their children, and, after that the new partner of mother tried to made a sexual assault on Sylvia, what she announced, but had not been perceived by the whole family

From April 1997 until November 2002 Sylvia didn't meet Rolf again. In November 2002 Rolf came with his new partner and the new CD Miss You to mother's house in France where Sylvia also appeared the first time after the break in 1997

In 2004 Sylvia started to develop and produce a prevention program for german-speaking schools. 2005 she asked Rolf to work as a free employee in her project. This was challenging her, but finally Rolf did a fantastically job for the prevention program Helden, Sündenböcke & Co with music production, composing a role rap and doing the sound engineering

At the end of 2006 Rolf called Sylvia and told her that he wanted her to take over the project management and project sponsorship for his social project WAKE UP OUR CHILDREN ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. A first meeting with Rolf's project partners Alexander Bollag and Haito Zimmermann (El Barrio GmbH) took place. Sylvia should develop a sound project concept and organize the financing. Finally the funding was not granted because neither the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz nor the lottery funds of Canton Basel-Stadt wanted to speak for the financing of wages. At the same time Sylvia realized that Rolf had started working on Myspace together with other people (funding requests were still pending) and that he published her project concept without naming her and without her approval for his social project WAKE UP on Myspace. To the left of her project concept was the description of his experiences with the father and among this there were pictures of abused children

After she had told Rolf that she couldn't stand behind this strategy and she proceeded to put the project management and project management down, Rolf told and wrote her on 27th of October 2007: "You are my sister and I love you very much, but actually  I'm so disappointed about your going out of WAKE UP! I need a little break to get over it. Many greetings, your brother". Rolf asked Sylvia in 2009, after two years keeping this break, with a short email for drinking a coffee together. Sylvia supposed that he was in troubles again and wrote back - as a test - that her family-owned energy station is closed now. After this she never heard something of her brother, who had already broken off contact with mother in summer 2006

An evening in December 2015 Sylvia was cycling over the Aeschenplatz in Basel and saw a man crossing the street. When she came closer she asked herself if this man could be her brother. When she came closer and saw the face of this man, she thought that this couldn't be possible, because this man looked extremely old, the skin and the facial expression completly changed, and an appearance that did not correspond to her memory of Rolf in 2007. This man looked at her too but did not react. So she thought that it must be a stranger. After his death Sylvia found on Internet a photo of 2015 - Rolf with a musician of the band Tison Candelo - then she knew that the man she saw in December 2015 had been her brother

When Rolf began to describe his experience of violence and incest, some of his relatives discouraged, questioned or misused his information (getting more attention if it could be heard). In the case of Sylvia, the experienced incest and  violence was repressed. Like all victims, Rolf and Sylvia suffered from the effects of what they experienced, be it relational, social, emotional or physical.

Rolf expressed his pain, the consequences (alcohol and drug dependence), but also his criticism of a, in his view, violence and exploitation supporting social system in his works. So also in the work The Little Boy Never Did Stand A Chance.

In the summer of 2015, Rolf learned that he had only a few months to live, and he would be handcuffed to the bed and suffocated on equipment by suffocation. He supported and produced the band Tison Candelo, released the Last Song on youtube at the beginning of August 2016, and died in early September 2016 in the Rhine (Basel / Switzerland).

The right to LIFE, JOY, POWER, DIGNITY and OPINION is perceived! Rolf and what he experienced (violence, incest, discrimination, stigmatization, degradation), and his musical and poetic work are named here on this website, because nothing should be forgotten, but remembered as a memorial. Because what has been done to him, is done to countless children and adolescents daily, and has just as for Rolf for these lifelong effects, if they get no help!